Sunday, October 18, 2009



At first I thought this was going to be a horrible thing that could quite possibly end my life. But as time went on I realized, it didn't end my life or even hurt me, in fact it made me realize something I think we all should. Before, I was so caught up with technology, I barely had time to do anything other than eat, sleep, dance, and spend the rest of my time, on or with technology of some sort. But then I sat back and realized a lot of this time that I, "Didn't have" I really did have and a lot more than I realized. This project made me really think about how much time I waste everyday watching tv, texting, and playing games. And it has made me really think twice about my priorities in life, and my goals in the future, honestly technology can be really helpful but if you use it too often you forget what it is really like to not have it. Too much technology weighs you down and makes it to where you can’t accomplish what you really want too in life.


  1. I thought the drawing was really good. -The Sheriff

  2. its really awesome that you didn't just go without your cellphone and you took it to a whole new level with no technology at all
    -Morgan Masencup

  3. This is really poignant. I wonder what you are going to do about this. The whole blog is really great. You have a great design sense and the work uncovers some good analysis. How's that poor kitty?