Sunday, October 18, 2009

31 Hours Cell Phoneless

Once something that we use every single day is taken away we notice it instantly.
My 31 hours of not having a cell phone started off just fine, I really don't use my phone too much unless I check the time, which of course I am obsessed with, but as the evening went on it started getting increasingly more difficult to resist the urge to text my friends just to see what they were doing that night. I have some friends that I literally just talk/text jibberish to all the time, so not being able to talk to them about anything that popped into my mind kind of made me feel a little lonely inside, also the fact that when I'm at my house I'm like in a little bubble, I live in a neighborhood with a population dominated by the elderly and most of my friends live at school or live back in South Carolina. I felt like I was all alone at one point late at night because I am so used to having someone to talk to up until I fall asleep to when i wake up. The next morning was the ultimate test of seeing how our modern day technology has made a difference in our lives. I had a kitten emergency and my mom and I had to rush him to the animal hospital, neither one of us had our cell phones on us. I was supposed to have a friend over at a specific time but was unable to tell him I couldn't make it because there was no way of contacting him. As my mom and I were sitting in the waiting room for over an hour we couldn't even go right next door to get a little something to eat with out having to explain to the receptionist the reason that we can't give them our cell phone numbers to call if the vet wanted to talk to us while we were out because we didn't have our phone on us. To add on to this unfortunate day there weren't even any pay phones in sight.
After this experience I will never take advantage of technology ever again. Some people say it pulls us apart from the world but I would say that it is like the glue that keeps us together.


  1. Interesting lab. I really liked your mug. -The Sheriff

  2. Interesting. I liked your mug too. great job